Veet Sensitive Precision Touch Electric Trimmer Review

Veet Sensitive Precision Touch Electric Trimmer ReviewPRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

New Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer is the first device from Veet specially tailored to gently trim and precisely shape your sensitive body parts, such as face, bikini and underarms. Easy to use, this trimmer lets you do quick eyebrow shaping and touch ups on the go.

In The Box: 1 – 2 sided trimming head (16mm and 6mm), 1 combo (2mm & 4mm), 1 large Trimming head (20 mm), comb attachment, cleaning brush, 1 protective cap, 1 beauty pouch, 1 AA battery

veet trimmer reviewPackaging:

Veet recently launched an electric trimmer; the device is suitable for the eyebrows, upper lips, chin, sideburns, underarms and bikini line.  The electric trimmer is in a hard plastic box that can be opened up by pulling the plastic cover and can be reused to put back the beauty styler after use. I like the simple style of the device with pink highlights. The trimmer comes with various attachments to gently remove and shape any unwanted hair. The device comes with a protective cap, making it ideal for travel.

To Use:

Veet Sensitive Precision Touch Electric Trimmer ReviewBattery – To use, you need to first insert the battery that comes along with the trimmer. This can be done by twisting the lower part of the trimmer to the arrow mark and inserting the battery. The trimmer can be turned on by switching to level 1.

Trimming Heads –  It has two changeable heads; one head for the face – for eyebrow shaping with two-sided trimming options and then there is a slightly larger attachment for the body hair and bikini line. You need to twist the trimmer anti-clockwise to change the trimmer head.

Veet Electric Trimmer

Comb attachments – The trimmer includes two combs so that you can trim the hair to your desired length. The comb attachment goes on top of the 2 sided precision head and you’d run it over the eyebrows to uniform the hair length. To be honest, I did not use the comb attachment as I like the length of my eyebrows.

Benefits :

The Veet Sensitive touch trimmer is very handy to remove the extra hair and keep your eyebrows in shape. I had mainly purchased the trimmer for styling my eyebrows and to trim the little baby hair around my forehead. I use the 6mm trimmer head to trim my eyebrows. You need get the right angle to get the hair perfectly abraze. In addition, the 6mm and 16mm attachment is perfect to remove the small hair on the face quickly and easily. Of course, it doesn’t give you the same result, as when tweezing or threading your hair, because the hairs are not removed from the root, but trimmed off. The trimmer is simple to use and is very gentle on your skin. The trimmer has no direct contact with the skin, hence no fear of cuts, rashes or skin irritation. 

Veet Sensitive Precision Touch Electric Trimmer ReviewDrawback:

When used under the arms or on your bikini line, it doesn’t give you a smooth skin, since a trimmer can not ensure a thorough shave, small stubble remains. The Veet Sensitive touch trimmer can not be used under the shower since the device must not be wet. Only the attachments can be separated and washed.  The trimmer is very noisy and it doesn’t remove the hair in one pass.



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