What the brand says:  Say hello to argan oil infused lip colors, the all new invention by Lakmé. These lipsticks nourish your lips while delivering intense color. The best of both worlds is now a reality with its nourishing power as well as rich pigments. It has a beautiful creamy texture that gives your lips a smooth and silky finish. Available in 15 vibrant shades that complement all Indian skin tones, Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Lip Color is where the power of argan oil comes to life!

LAKME ABSOLUTE ARGAN OIL LIP COLORS REVIEWPackaging: The lipsticks come in a sturdy and neat golden coloured bullet-tube and is travel friendly.

Texture: The lipsticks are amazingly moisturizing and feel so good on the lips. They do have a sheen which is not OTT like glosses but the sheen makes your lips look healthy and soft.

Shades: The lipstick range is available in 15 beautiful shades, here is a summary on it:

Buttery Caramel: This is a perfect nude shade that looks exactly like milk chocolate. Perfect for days when you want neutral or muted lips.

Pink Satin: This is a pure maroon shade which looks quite vibrant and pretty on the lips.

Soft Mauve: Soft mauve is a light mauve shade, similar to ‘buttery caramel’ but has mauve-pink undertones.

Soft Nude: This is a nude shade with pretty peach undertones to it. A very wearable shade that can be used every day and will suit all skin tones.

Lush Rose: Lush Rose is a pink shade which is little bit on the neon side. I love neon shades and this is one of my favourites in this range.

Silky Blush: Silky Blush is a soft baby pink shade which I loved. Might look a bit frosty on darker or dusky skin tones. Although you can still use it light if you are comfortable.

Peaches N Cream: This is a beautiful light peach/coral shade which is also one of my favourites in this range. This shade might look a bit weird on darker skin tones.

Dewy Orange: This is a neon orange shade and might not suit all skin tones. If you love neon colours and often use, this too can be used with ease. This shade has very minute shimmer in it which makes the shade look even vibrant on the lips.

Smooth Merlot:  This is a brick red shade and if you love burnt shades or brown shade, you will definitely love this one.

Ruby Velvet: Ruby Velvet is a pure red colour and looks pretty. This particular red colour will go with all skin tones.

Crimson Silk: This is a very deep and dark burgundy shade with red undertones. I am not a big fan of such shades but this one is so pretty!

Drenched Red: This is a blood red shade with a bit of neon undertones to it. If you like wearing proper blood red lipsticks, this can be a good addition to your red lipstick collection.

Soaked Berries: This is a pretty dull purple shade and looks amazing on the lips. Perfect for occasions for that luxury or royal look.

Deep Brown: This shade is purely dark brown and is aptly named. I don’t wear brown shades because they don’t really suit me. If you like bold brown lipsticks, you might like this one.

Juicy Plum: The colour is very pretty but darker for me since I don’t wear such deep and dark colours. The plum shade is good but certainly not for me. If you like deep plum shades, this is the one for you.

All the lipsticks are really pigmented! The darker shades leave behind an opaque stain even after wiping it off so be careful while application.

Fragrance: These lipsticks too smell like the usual lakme lipsticks- nauseating sweet smell which I am not a big fan of.

LAKME ABSOLUTE ARGAN OIL LIP COLORS REVIEWHow to use and staying power: To use, Start in the middle of your upper lip and glide the lipstick along the contours of your mouth. Repeat the same for the lower lip. The lipstick glides on like a dream on the lips and you can feel the creamy texture while applying. A single swipe gives a very pigmented color and it settles into satiny velvet finish which is very moisturizing and has a subtle shine. The lipsticks do transfer, but the stain always stay behind which is quite pigmented in itself, so you need to reapply the lipstick. The lighter shades might need reapplication. The lipsticks are surprisingly very moisturizing, and I haven’t used any lipstick as moisturizing as these! I am not a lakme fan and I don’t owe a lot of lakme lipsticks, but I am very happy I got this range since it is the best lakme has till date if you ask me. All the shades are pretty, and I may use almost all of them except the dark brown and dark plum for some or the other occasion.

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